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 Low Price Guarantee
You Name It--We'll Match It--Low Price Guarantee!

Once again we lead the way with our "You Name It--We'll Match It Low Price Guarantee"

This guarantees to you the customer that you will always get the best deal on food products, the best selections, and the best customer service from one place at MyDietShopz.Com

Our Price Match guarantee gives you the lowest price on each and every food item which ever is lower, their posted price or our price for Diet Health and Sports (DHS), Diet Health and Sports Wise (DHSW or DHSWise) or Diet Health and Sports MAX (DHSMax). YOU GET OUR FREE SHIPPING IF ORDER TOTALS OVER $75 AND AND 10% DISCOUNT FOR ORDERS OVER $150!!

We will match the cost of any food product and discounts you have found posted on any one internet site that sells the same product. Just tell us what site, what products and what your cost is including taxes, shipping, handling and we will give you the lower cost whether theirs or ours.

To get your guarantee,you must follow these instructions exactly. If you don't follow these instructions exactyly, your order will not qualify for matching Low Price Guarantee. First, you must place your order and mention in the comment box when checking out what website (you can only use one website)and you must duplicate the order and include itemized and total cost of what your cost was for each item for us to match including itemizing all shipping, handling, taxes or other costs and include total cost. If you don't include the needed information the website, cost per item(s), shipping costs, handling, taxes, other costs and total costs then we can't compare prices and you will be charged the amount posted in the check out page and the low price guarantee will not be applied. If you have any questions please email us before placing your order at the "Contact Us" address posted at bottom of Left Buttons in red. Please note: Guarantee does not apply to non-food supplements and non-food items, discounts cannot not be added together, an order that you use email discount coupon in, and there is a limit to one matching website per order. However, this will still give you the lowest price on every food item which ever is lower, their price or our price.

(Please note: email offers, mail offers, catalog offers, verbal offers, phone offers are not included in our Price Matching nor are Rkane products.)
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