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Home > Our Greatest Loser Club Winner P.J.H.

Our Greatest Loser Club Winner P.J.H.
Our Greatest Loser Club Winner P.J.H.
My Story
P.J.H. from Durham PA

After seeing my mother through her battle and then death from lung cancer, I realized I was a stress eater. Vowing to become more aware of what and why I put something in my mouth, I turned to and ordered in their 35 gram protein shake by Diet Health and Sports Wise, and began to take charge of my life. The shakes got me through to lunch time, and I made sure one meal a day was a salad. I noticed after about 3 weeks my appetite was shrinking and I wasn't thinking about food and my next meal. Exercise started out slow, but I stayed with it, increased my stamina as the weight came off and now it is just a part of my routine. I ordered some protein bars and would eat them if I had to have something and nothing "good" was within reach.

I began this journey over a year ago, knowing, going in, it would be a long process and now a lifetime commitment. I lost 70 lbs. in about 15 months and have not put on one single pound since I reached my goal in September, 2009. I continue with shakes a few mornings each week, a bar usually once a day, and exercise. Diana at has been a wonderful supporter of me through this journey!

By the way, my current photo was taken having just bought my size 12 outfit for my son's upcoming wedding!

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