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 Guarantee Ino for Returns Refunds Exchanges
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What is your Return Policy For:

"I ordered the wrong products",  or 

"I ordered products with wrong ingredients or nutrition",  or 

"I just opened a box of product and I don't like it" or 

"it doesn't taste right" or 

"product seems damaged or old"?


First of all, you the CUSTOMER are very important to us as is your satisfaction with our products and service.

All of our products arrive fresh from the manufacturer and are shipped fresh from our office with usually less than a 2 week turn around time. All our products have long shelf lives of usually 6 months (bars) to 2 years (powdered products). And our products are tested multiple times by the manufacturer to make sure they are made correctly. However there are small variations from batch to batch which is normal. We do not guarantee you will like the taste or texture of the products, that the taste or texture will always be the same, or that the products will bring any desired results.

But, if you believe the products are defective, we will send the lot number and serial number and any samples you have to the manufacturer to determine if the products are defective and in that case we will give you a refund on those products.(details below). This gives you the consumer the most flexibility in exchanges and returns and full refund in most situations. Our Guarantee is above and beyond to similar or other large internet retailers like Amazon.Com, Macys.Com, etc. 


This does not cover products that are damaged because they are left outside. See below. 


How Do I Cancel Order After It Has Been Shipped?

Once your order has been shipped, use contact form to contact us by phone and email that you wish you order canceled. We will try to contact carrier to return your shipment to us prior to delivery. We will give you refund on purchase price minus actual shipping charges by UPS OR USPS charged to ship and return order. If order arrives and we are not able to have Carrier return shipment to us, then follow the Return Policy below.


How Do I Ship Products Back for Returns and Exchanges and Refunds?

If your return fits withing our Guarantee as defective products, contact us and we will send you infoon how to return your products. Products must be shipped back any unopened boxes, packets, bottles, or bars in good condition within 30 days of delivery, and we will give you full refund for your returned items minus shipping costs. This does not include Melted Bars See below for Melted Bars.


How Do I Do an Exchange?


You should follow all of the instructions above for returns. We will issue a refund that is due based on the above for returns. You can immediately place a replacement order for the products that you are returning. You will not get free shipping or discounts, unless your replacement order meets the criteria for free shipping or discounts, i.e. your replacement order will need to be over $65 to get free shipping or other discount requirements.


What is the Time Limit for:

"Exchanges and Returns"

"Credits or Refunds"

"Replacements of Missing Items"

"Credits for Discounts or for Free Shipping"?

Exchanges for any reason, returns for any reason, credits or reimbursements or refunds for any reason, credit for discounts, free shipping, missing or damaged items, must be requested within 30 days of delivery of shipment based on UPS or USPS records on day of delivery NOT DAY OF OPENING OF PACKAGE.

So please inspect your package immediately upon receiving.

I opened a box of product and there were packets missing. What should I do first?


Please Email us at customer service. and we will either credit your payment method for the purchase price for missing items or ship you the missing items. Please hold on to the shipping box (do not throw shipping box away) as we use that information to help process your claim. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to elect to credit your account or ship you the missing items. In the event we credit customer's account, customer will still receive free shipping and all discounts otherwise entitled to based on purchase price of complete order.

I just received my order and I am missing product(s). What should I do first?

If you are missing products, first check your email and also your invoice that will be in with your order to see if any items have been placed on back order status or if your total has been adjusted. If you are missing product(s), you'll need to notify us within 7 days of receiving your order so that we can correct our mistake. Please hold on to the shipping box (do not throw shipping box away) as we use that information to help process your claim. We will either issue you a credit to your payment method for the purchase price of missing items or ship you the missing items. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to elect to credit your account or ship you the missing items. In the event we credit customer's account, customer will still receive free shipping and all discounts otherwise entitled to based on purchase price of complete order.

I was sent the wrong products that I didn't order. Can I send them back and get the correct items?

Of course! As our customer of you may return any wrong items in exchange for correct items that we mistakenly send that is OUR ERROR at our cost. We are not responsible if you order the wrong products for whatever reason including phone orders (see How to Change Items in Order Or Place Phone Order).


For exchanges, products, individual boxes and individual packets and bottles must be returned unopened, undamaged and new condition. 


All packets or units must be present for each individual box that is returned. There are no partial exchanges for an individual box that is missing packets or items but we can give you a refund for the items that are returned and unopened. All bottles of products can be returned only if unopened and the safety seals are fully intact and undamaged.

You must contact us first to make arrangements for return and exchange of items, get the correct "ship to" address, and get a return authorization, before returning item(s). requests for returns because we shipped the wrong products must be made within 30 days of purchase. You should Email us at customer service

We usually have two people working on every order - one to pull the items and another to double check for accuracy, but there are times when things can slip by us.



To avoid damage to your order by heat, animals, or insects, customers should have their order shipped to workplace or other facility or neighbors home with immediate inside access, or nearby UPS or Mail Store, or request "Signature Required" in comment section on check out page.

During the warmer months there are increased problems with protein bars melting. We can file a claim with UPS and the melted bars are often reimbursed by UPS or USPS after UPS or USPS inspects and verifies the bars are melted. There is not a guaranteed a claim will be paid however. You should Email us at customer service so we can file a claim.

Your package is insured by UPS and USPS. But your insurance may not cover replacement on any products or protein bars because the package and contents have been left on your porch or outside, and damaged by heat, bad weather, animals or insects. Therefore, if you are not going to be home when your package arrives, we suggest having your order shipped to your place of business, UPS Store or Mail Store, to a neighbor's home, or anywhere that it can be taken inside immediately. Your UPS insurance may not reimburse for claims of melted bars or damaged products for any reason if your box was left on your porch or outside because no one was home or someone didn't answer the door. Follow your tracking number to help make sure someone is home to receive the package.

We are NOT responsible and we offer no guarantee for damaged products from heat, animals or insects or the melting of protein bars after they leave our office. All products and bars are shipped out of our office in perfect condition. We do place a Protect from Heat label on all our boxes in warmer months, but once your order leaves our premises, the weather and handling and delivery is out of our control.

If your order containing protein bars has been in the heat for any length of time, this usually helps: Unpack your box, and without touching or smashing individual bars, place the boxes in your refrigerator (NOT the freezer) for about an hour. They will re-harden and suffer no loss of nutrition, although they might not be quite as pretty.

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