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Welcome To

We offer the best in Taste, Cost, High Protein, Low Calorie and Low Carb and easy to follow diets.

Over 300 Great Tasting Foods for Diet Health and Sports Needs

Here are some answers to FAQ's you may have to help you get started.

How do I do I get Discounts and Coupons

We offer several discount and coupon options Click here for Discount info

How do I do a diet or start a diet with your Products for Weight Loss, Health or Sports Needs

We have easy to follow and easy to do diets based on your desired weight, goals for health and sports with our easy to use DietGizmo. This is the best online diet and exercise tracker and planner available anywhere with designed menus and plans by PhD Dieticians. Go to "50 Diet Plans To Choose From" click here for EZ Go EZ Go DietGizmo Read over this information. It is easy, comprehensive and low cost to subscribe. And, you can cancel anytime. And best of all has diet plans built in using Diet Health and Sports (DHS) Products.

Many of our customers like to use our 123EasyGoDiet Kits which includes all the MyDietShopz foods you will need for four weeks. Our kits come with a manual with many self help tricks and hints. Click here for more details 123EasyGo Diet Kit

Where do I start? What should I purchase?

For Shopping, the most important buttons are the silver buttons across the top. The more informational type buttons are the vertical buttons along the left.

We have divided MyDietShopz into two basic ways of shopping. You can shop using the Food Aisle and by using Shop by Brand

The Food Aisle is where foods are organized like in a grocery store where similar type foods are on the same page. For instance all the shakes are on one page (one food aisle), and all the desserts are on a different page.

Whereas the Shop By Brand is just like its name. Each brand is located on its own page. We have several brands to choose from: Diet Health and Sports (DHS), Diet Health and Sports Wise (DHSW), Diet Health and Sports MAX (DHSMax), Diet Health and Sports Rich (DHSR), Rkane, and Pro-amino/Protidiet,

To start, we recommend going to the Food Aisle (the silver button in top button row) or click here: Food Aisle

The food aisle is a good place to look around for the types of Foods you might like to try.

Also, you can go to Food Aisle to find Variety Packs. Or, you can go here Variety Packs

Variety Packs are a great way to sample different types of bars, shakes and even breakfast foods.

You may also want to look over Our Best Sellers for some of our most popular items.

Then look around and put in shopping cart different products you think you would like to try. We recommend getting just one of box of an item to see if you like it or not and not buy several boxes of one item in case you don't like it.

You can click on any item and it will show you the nutritional content like Calories, Protein, Sugar as well as ingredients.

Also, we have Reviews on most of our products that are submitted by our customers that can be very helpful. However, keep in mind every ones' tastes are different and you may like something that most people don't care for or dislike a product that has all 5 star ratings.

MyDietShopz also includes 3 free samples with each order which are provided to help customers sample new products that they might not otherwise try.

What Brand is best? Which Brand should I start with?

Each Brands is made by different manufacturers. There isn’t a specific advantage to one brand over another per se. The main difference is the different products and flavors each brand provides.
For examples, the specific flavor of similar products like chocolate shakes will taste slightly different from brand to brand, and finally the ingredients and nutritional amounts like calories, protein, sugar will differ from item to item.

MyDietShopz has several variety packs that you may want to try if you are not sure which brand or products to start with.

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